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Surgical Procedures


Common indications for this procedure include epiretinal membrane, macular hole, vitreous hemorrhage, and retinal detachment. This procedure is performed in the operating room typically under local anesthesia. You will lay down flat on a table for approximately 1 hour. Your Doctor will anesthetize your eye so you do not have any pain during the surgery. Under the visualization of a high-powered microscope, your Surgeon will carefully remove the vitreous gel from the middle part of the eye and then repair the damaged retina. The eye is sometimes filled with a gas-bubble which will absorb over the course of 2 – 8 weeks. You may be asked to position your head for a few days following the surgery.

Scleral Buckle for Retinal Detachment

This procedure is performed in the operating room under local or general anesthesia. During this procedure, a small silicone band is sutured to the outside part of the eye called the sclera. The band is placed beneath the eye muscles and conjunctiva (skin of the eye), and therefore is not visible. By gently indenting the sclera (eye wall), the scleral buckle relieves the vitreous gel from pulling on the retina thereby allowing the retina to settle into the proper position. This procedure is often combined with cryotherapy (freezing probe) and also an intraocular gas bubble to re-attach the retina. Patients typically have moderate pain, swelling, and discomfort with eye movements following surgery. Your doctor will prescribe eye drops and pain medicine to help alleviate these symptoms. Following surgery, there can frequently be a change in the prescription of the eyeglasses and contact lenses.